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Citrix server configuration guide

citrix server configuration guide

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Two components that stands out are the Studio , which is basically the management UI for our entire deployment and the StoreFront , which is the web gateway to the applications and desktops we want to publish, similar to RD Web Access. On the next screen, we want to select the Remote Assistance option and then click Next.

The next step is to check the firewall ports and rules we need for successful communication. You have two options: either set them to Automatically through the installer or Manually. Either is OK. We finally get to the first summary screen. Double check if you are OK with the prerequisites and the core components and hit Install. We have all our major components installed. Next, we need to open the Citrix Studio and start configuring our deployment with a simple published application.

Our next step is to configure our Delivery Controller. We will choose the first option Deliver applications and desktops to your users. This will start the Site Configuration wizard. On the first page, choose to deploy A fully configured, production ready site.

Next, choose a name for this site. I chose to call it Citrix XenApp Test. On the Databases screen, we have two options. We can either create the databases required automatically or we can generate a script that will allow us to deploy the databases on a separate SQL server.

For our purposes, we will choose the default option. On the next screen, we specify the Citrix License Server and configure our existing Citrix license. The default values are localhost, since we installed the License server prior to this tutorial on the same server and the default license is a day trial. We will use the default values. Next we need to specify the type of Machine Management we are using. On our last screen, the Summary screen we just hit Finish and wait for the configuration to complete.

All the servers which are in the Machine Catalog will deliver either Desktops or Apps to the end user. Since we chose No Machine Management in our first wizard, the automatic values are set in the next prompt. We just leave them as they are and hit the Next button. Next we need to choose the server or servers we want to add to the Machine Catalog.

Since we are doing a one server deployment, we will add the same server from AD. Just click the Add Computers button and put in the server you are currently working on. Then we click Next and Finish. FYI, if you see a blue question mark next to the machine account, it means that no VDA is present on the server.

Joined Domain: infrashare. IP : Step Select XenApp, by clicking on the Start button. Click on Yes to start the VDA installation…. Step Select the default option, create a Master Image , click on Next. Step 31 : Let these settings be default, click Next.

Step 34 : For this article we are using the Windows firewall, so this can be on automatically , Click on Next. Step The installation process is started, please reboot the server by clicking on the Close button. Step Log back on to the server, and the installation process automatic continue the components installation. For this article, I choose — I do not want to participate in Call Home — but for production environments, I advise you to activate this option.

Step The finished installation summary screen shows up for confirmation, if everything was installed correct, click on the Finish button to restart the machine. Step Click on the large — 2 Set up machines for desktops and applications or remote access — button. Step Machine Catalog Setup screen, c lick Next. For this article, I will take over the settings from the master image;. Give in a XenApp naming convention, with the as numbering variables.

The variable increases automatically for the numbers of XenApp servers you are creating. Step Now we need to give in the Machine Catalog name, I suggest to name it something like; Windows Server , but you are free to give in your own of course. Click on Finish. Note: After th is step, we can define these machines in separate Delivery Groups per department of something equal.

So there is no need to give in a department name in the Machine Catalog. Catalog creation status in Citrix Studio…. The following tasks will be visible in the vCenter Recent Tasks console. Step After the process is completed , there is a Base disk created on the VMware datastore.

If creating an extr a XenApp server, this disk is will be used as default for the creation of the server. Never delete these files, otherwise you have to re-create the complete Machine Catalog! Setup the Delivery Group. Step The Citrix Studio must be started again must be opened automatic afterwards.

Step Choose for the 3th option — Set up Delivery Groups to assign desktops and applications to your users. Step The getting started with Delivery Groups screen will be opened, click on Next. Step Now we need to restrict the Delivery Group to user or a group, to do so, check the option — Restrict Use of this Delivery Group to the following users — and click on the Add button. Step Search for the users or group that need to have access to the Delivery Group.

Step The security group is now listed in the Users field, click Next. Step We can now add application that must be published trough StoreFront. For this article, I will add calculator calc. S tart the XenApp server and try it again! Step Select the Application you want to publish, for me that will be Calculator, click Ok when finish. Step The Applications are now listed in the Applications field. Afterwards the applications with the same folder name will be listed in group view in StoreFront.

Step Give in a Displayname , description and configure the security layer for giving user the privilege to logon. Displayname : The name of the desktop that users see in StoreFront as desktop name. Description name : The textbox that is being showed while you hold the mouse upon the Desktop icon in StoreFront.

Note: If you want to separate the Delivery Group in 2 parts, so the Applications and Desktop users will not be privileged to do both, please restrict this by using the — Restrict desktop use to option and give in another Security Group or user s. New feature : A new feature of Citrix 7. Here you can specify dedicated machines to this Desktop, that have a tag on their machine. Step The Desktop will be added to the Desktop field, click on Next. Step Give in the name for the Delivery Group, I will be using — Windows Server Desktops — but you can make this your own of course!

Click on the Finish button. The Delivery Group is created, and the Applications are added…. Configure StoreFront. Step Click on the Add button. Step Add the new Desktop Delivery Controllers server address and click on Ok and in the nest 2 screens also again the Ok button. The StoreFront setup is now done correctly. Activate Local Host Cache. Step 67 : Run the following command to load in the Citrix PowerShell snap-ins. Note: This cmdlet also disables the connection leasing feature.

Do not enable both Local Host Cache and connection leasing. Step 69 : You can check if the setting is activated correct, by running the following PowerShell command:. Step 70 : To verify the activation , open the event viewer eventvwr. The next steps will show you how you can use this template for your Citrix environment, filtered based on a Delivery Group.

Step 71 : Click on the Policies option in the Citrix Studio. Step 72 : Click on Close. Step 74 : Click Next. Step 75 : For this article, I will be filtering this policy by Delivery Group, to do so, click on the Assign option next to Delivery Group.

Step 77 : The Edit Unassign option is visible now, click on Next. Step 79 : The newly created policy is now listed in the policy screen. Test the environment setup. Step Browse to your StoreFront page , and logon with your user credentials that are placed in the earlier defined Delivery Group — Security Group. Step 8 2 : If everything is setup correct, the earlier created Desktop must now be listed in the Desktops screen.

Click on the Desktop to test the ICA connectivity.

Citrix server configuration guide citrix products

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Install teamviewer on centos 7 The Host Connection configuration is processing…. Configuration logging. And the app is started successfully! Next we will set up the Delivery Group and test our deployment. DHCP is typically hosted on a different server so select The service that runs on another computer. Filters data. Schedule-based and load-based settings.
Thunderbird academy oklahoma The Site configuration is processing…. Step 10 : All the configured parts will now be summarized, please check everything, if Ok, click on the Install button to start the installation process. Default is 5. The test runs on all the SSON checkpoints. If you have any questions, feel free to comment also. If you do not agree, select Do Not Agree to exit. Delegated administration.
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Citrix server configuration guide The official version of this content is in English. Feature compatibility matrix. Set up resource types. Dynamic machine provisioning. This new feature, including the Windows Server day one support from previous version 7. View PDF. FIDO2 authentication.
Citrix server configuration guide For this article, I choose — I do not want to participate in Call Home — but for production environments, I advise you to activate this option. Review the entire process before starting the deployment, so you know what to expect. Step 7: Choose the Core Components, for this installation guide I will be using a separate StoreFront server, so I untick the checkbox and let all the others be default, click on Next. Change the drive letter to E:and click OK. Federated Authentication Service.
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citrix server configuration guide

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Folder settings. People settings. Files in Citrix Workspace. Citrix Files apps. Citrix Files configuration. Citrix Files for Android. Citrix Files for Gmail. Citrix Files for iOS. Citrix Files for Mac. Citrix Files for Outlook. Citrix Files for Outlook Online. Citrix Files for Windows. Electronic signature. Citrix Analytics for Security.

Storage zones controller. User Management Tool. Document History. Aviso legal. Este texto foi traduzido automaticamente. Este artigo foi traduzido automaticamente. In this configuration, a user signing on to Citrix Content Collaboration using a web browser or other Citrix Files clients is redirected to the Citrix Endpoint Management environment for user authentication.

A working configuration of Citrix Gateway and Citrix Endpoint Management server, which are already configured. However, if you want to configure access for non-MDX Citrix Files clients, continue using the configuration guide. Any users that are part of the selected roles and do not have an account in Citrix Content Collaboration are automatically provisioned by the Citrix Endpoint Management server based on how they first access Citrix Content Collaboration.

Edit the settings for the Citrix Gateway virtual server that is used for Citrix Endpoint Management sign-ins. Click Done , click Create , and then click Close. Edit the auto-generated priority number for the inserted policy so that it has the lowest number highest priority compared to any other policies listed.

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Citrix server configuration guide how to uninstall mysql workbench on mac

Citrix Hypervisor - XenServer - Step by Step Installation.


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How to install and configure Citrix 7.12 with Server 2016

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