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Vnc server lag

vnc server lag

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I think i will google that one. Anyway, remote display is xx16, and no wallpaper. Still, screen refresh is dogslow, i have to wait after clicking "my computer" and the screen will pop up seconds after Very annoying. I used to run it on my box at home, so I could connect to it from school.

Over a kbit line, with around 10 hops, there were not much of a lag.. Going to put in TS on it later on today maybe and try it out. Also, the speed ususally have a lot to do with the speed of the machine you run it on, but since you have XP on the box, I guess it's pretty ok. LOL, the machine is a K , with mb ram, so it's not very fast.

But it's plenty fast to run winXP. It ran quite well, when i was installing. Also, i used to have win98 on the same box, and VNC wasn't much faster. I'll take a look at TS.. Enabling compression on a slow computer will not speed things up. It simply sounds like you've got your mhz machine bogged down. Terminal Services is 2k server, don't bother trying to find it in 2k pro.

Shame, i have Pro on the "client" So no TS for me. Oh, well, i'll live with TightVNC i guess. It's much better then VNC in terms of speed, reliability, and features Look in your windows XP help file to find out how to get it set up.

However, if VNC is acting as bad as you say it is, there's a good chance it's just a symptom of a much larger problem. I use both and have noticed no difference except that Remote Desktop handles weird keystrokes better than VNC. My vote goes to VNC, simply because it's capable of an encrypted session. The tight codec causes updates to occur a lot less frequently than the hextile and copyrect codecs. See if those perform any better.

I believe, but am not certain, that the update interval can be adjusted. Working in the Applications Team. Will having a monitor be differe Thu Jan 01, pm This is not something the Pi is good at. It's really best when you don't use UIs that rely on server Pi -side processing.

I started down the path of a TS interface and just realized that it would never perform how I wanted it to. Besides, with the price of tablets and the fact that everybody has a phone with a browser in their pocket, it's just unnecessary. VNC is fairly slow to transfer larger graphics images, more reasonable with text interfaces. The direct interface local screen and keyboard is noticeably faster.

Especially true on the RPi which is not fast to start with in comparison with the desktops. My versions claim to automatically select the most appropriate compression for the connection type. I think you will find a dedicated screen is worthwhile.

Location: th cell on the right of the th row of L2 cache. Will having a monitor be differe Fri Jan 02, am Thanks all. I believe, as many of you pointed out, that this is not where I would use the RPi. In a matter of few hours, I started learning command line commands and I think they are not that bad at all.

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