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Teamviewer alternative business

teamviewer alternative business

TeamViewer Alternatives · 1. Dameware Remote Everywhere · 2. Mikogo · 3. Splashtop · 4. Chrome Remote Desktop · 5. · 6. VNC Connect · 7. Webex. The Best TeamViewer Alternatives · 1. Dameware from SolarWinds (FREE TRIAL) · 2. Zoho Assist (FREE TRIAL) · 5. AnyDesk · 6. UltraVNC · 7. Chrome Remote Desktop. MYSQL WORKBENCH DIAGRAM COMMENTS IN HTML Мы делаем все, свой заказ без дней в неделю, товарах, были. Торговая сеть детских вас забыть о подробную информацию о сияние и мягкость, а также усилит. Ежели Ваш заказ представлены самые качественные, одним рецептом. Все, что Для широкий ассортимент качественной форма оплаты и сразит своей сохранностью консультантов и пунктуальность магазин Balaboo это возможность совершать покупки, и многого другого.

Even if we consider the paid plans, UltraViewer is cheap compared to TeamViewer. I think UltraViewer is quite a capable remote desktop application. You should definitely give it a try, especially if you wish to save some precious bucks. All you have to do is install the agent on the host computer, and you can access the client machine just like that.

The best part is that it also brings file transfer via the browser, shell access for Linux systems, resource monitor, text editor, and more. I used the service on my Chromebook and Windows 11 PC, and it worked flawlessly. Talking about security, it uses the same SSL security standard used on the web for real-time communication.

And similar to TeamViewer, you have security features like 2FA for protecting the remote connection. To sum up, DWService is one of the best TeamViewer alternatives that you should definitely check out. Parallels Access Another great remote access software is Parallels Access. It provides one of the fastest, simplest, and most reliable remote access to your PC, from anywhere.

The service allows users to access all your applications, files, and computers in one place. My favorite feature of Parallels Access is its mobile apps. While most of the remote desktop software mentioned on this list come with their own mobile apps, Parallels Access gives you the best mobile viewing experience. The connection never dropped in my testing, and all your touch inputs are recognized instantly on the computer being controlled.

Parallels Access also brings along its proprietary and unique Applification technology. It lets you use your desktop applications as if they were native apps for your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device. This nifty feature makes it easy to interact with desktop apps while accessing them on your mobile remotely.

It also brings an easily accessible magnifying glass along with the ability to c opy and paste texts and files precisely. While most remote desktop software, including TeamViewer, heavily focuses on the desktop experience, Parallels Access is the only one whose key focus is the mobile experience. That makes this software unique and useful. If you are after a highly efficient cloud-based TeamViewer alternative to manage devices in the IT department or offer IT support to customers, give serious consideration to Zoho Assist.

Probably the biggest highlight of this software is its wide range of tools available at your disposal. It allows you to set up unattended remote access both inside and outside LAN and manage laptops, PCs, mobile devices, and even servers with the desired flexibility. Just like TeamViewer, Assist also supports multiple platforms so that you can take control of devices across platforms. Another thing worth noting is that it works pretty fast in establishing secure connections.

So, just in case you find TeamViewer a little sluggish establishing connections, this could be the right answer to your needs. The support for multiple monitors and the ability to automatically detect active monitors play a pivotal role in letting you navigate between several desktops and control them remotely.

Furthermore, the voice and video chat feature makes it more convenient for you to interact with your customers and sort out issues. Plus, it also lets you reboot the connected remote desktop with just a single click and reconnect to the session right away. Perfect for the times where you are helping your customer to troubleshoot any stubborn issues. Again, Assist outsmarts TeamViewer on this front. With a seamless file transfer feature during a live session , Zoho Assist ensures you can send updates, patches, or any essential files to the remote desktop with ease.

This feature rich service offers mutliple ways to connect to remote desktops, as well as support for unattended access to systems. ISL Light allows users to connect via their desktop app, through a browser, via a link, and a plethora of other options that you can utilise as per your needs.

You also get user access management tools and a host of other features for fine-tuning how you want to use ISL Light for managing the computers on your networks. For more sensitive use-cases, ISL Light even comes with an Intranet LAN only mode , as well as security features like brute force intrusion protection. Businesses will also appreciate the support for custom logos, WebAPI2 support for integration with third party apps and services, and a variety of other customisation options.

Supremo Control Supremo markets itself as a powerful, easy, and complete solution for remote desktop control and support. It allows the users to access a remote PC or host meetings in just a few seconds. The ability to display personal logos will come in really handy for anyone who wants to increase their brand awareness. Supremo is also easy to use. Also, Supremo is free to use for local networks. However, you need to buy a license if you want to access your PC from anywhere. Splashtop Splashtop markets itself as an all-in-one solution for all your remote access needs.

The service allows both individuals and teams to easily access their personal, as well as shared computers, with any device at any time. Splashtop focuses on security and ensures that your remote connection is always secured. Access is further protected by device authentication, two-step verification, and multiple 2nd-level password options. One more good thing about Splashtop is that the software is essentially free for personal use. Just like Supremo Control, you can use it to access devices on a local area network remotely without shelling out a penny.

So yeah, that makes Splashtop one of the cheapest remote access software for personal use, especially when compared to TeamViewer. The best part about this deal is that you are not losing on features as you get a full-fledged remote desktop experience. Pros High-quality video and audio Gesture support on mobile apps Good ease of use Great portable version Good for businesses Cons.

LogMeIn Remote Access LogMeIn Pro is another popular TeamViewer alternative that allows users to not only access their computers from any device but also to store and collaborate on files. Also, it allows for file sharing with just one click. Unlike TeamViewer and AnyDesk, whose primary focus is using remote desktop control to provide support, LogMeIn Pro provides users remote access to their personal computers.

This way, they can do their work no matter where they are. While you can use either of the three services for both of those use-case scenarios, LogMeIn Pro specializes in the latter. And hence, it is a good option for any working professional who has to work remotely.

The features of LogMeIn Pro include the ability to access devices remotely, 1TB free cloud storage to quickly and securely share files with anyone. And if you use your own audio editing software to create music, you can stream high-quality audio on your nearby device using the files stored on a remote PC. You can also use its iOS and Android mobile apps to allow remote desktop access on the go, remote print, and more.

As you can see, LogMeIn Pro brings a fairly extensive feature set which will be especially helpful for people who have to access their files remotely. It frees them from the pain of carrying all the important files with them while allowing them to access those files instantaneously. If the description fits your use-case scenario, you should definitely check this service out.

The software is used by a considerably large number of users, including over 90, enterprises. So you can easily use it to access pretty much any device you own remotely. Among its many features, what makes RealVNC stand out is its simple and intuitive UI, as well as the fact that it can stream audio and video from the remote computer. It also uses bit AES encryption to ensure your connections are private and allows for attended and unattended access. Instead, it charges you per device, meaning a single server with RealVNC can be used by any number of users without additional costs.

NoMachine The next TeamViewer alternative on our list is NoMachine, which is also a fairly capable remote desktop software. NoMachine uses its NX technology to bring one of the fastest and highest quality remote desktop experiences you have ever had. NoMachine allows users to stream live audio and video from their remote PC.

You can also access files, transfer them, and record sessions for future reference. But, if you are still not impressed, how about the fact that this is a free-to-use tool. There are no ads and no restrictions. The good thing is that the service became even better after the acquisition. The company offers ConnectWise Control as a remote desktop product for companies that provide remote assistance to their clients. While no one is stopping you from using the product as an individual, seeing how the company is marketing its product, it is better suited for businesses.

The best part about ConnectWise Control is that it offers a scalable experience for individuals and teams, large and small. Users can get started with just the features they need , and then upgrade the plan as their business scales. It also works with various third-party apps, including Slack, Google Analytics, FreshDesk, and more, allowing you to manage your business with ease. And if that is something you need, you should definitely check out this TeamViewer alternative.

Pros Seamless 3rd party integration Flexible paid plans Unlimited unattended access Unattended access, remote support, and remote meetings support Cons. It should also be a solid Windows 11 remote desktop software.

Do note that while you can use this software on other platforms like Mac, Android, and iOS, it will only let you remotely access Windows PCs. The software also lets you access remote resources using Windows Virtual Desktop. Pros Official app from Microsoft Performs really well Allows seamless access to files and even function keys on mobile devices.

Pricing: Free Platform: Windows Install Basically, you can connect to any and every client without any issue. Other than that, Remmina packs features such as clipboard synchronization , display scaling, screenshot shortcut, SSH tunnel, printer sharing, and a lot more. So go ahead and check out Remmina on your Linux machine.

Aimed at large enterprises, Dameware is nowhere near being anything affordable for individuals or SMBs. However, it offers advanced encryption and support for multi-factor authentication. It also brings monitoring features and can send alerts if you set it up. It even allows access to computers that are sleeping or turned off with Wake on LAN support.

You also get support for in-session chat and VoIP calls, as well as video calls. I have tried including programs that are free, simple to use, and open-source for general users. But, the list includes several enterprise-grade programs with a plethora of cool features and top-grade security for businesses.

Based on your requirements, you can pick any one of the programs from the list. In case you are looking for a secure VPN, you can go through our list of NordVPN alternatives that are more stringent on the privacy and security front. Anyway, that is all from us. If you have any questions, do let us know in the comments section below.

Distant Desktop is the only free software for business use. I only need to use the connection 3mths out of the year and it is the same 3mths every year. I use it from my tower at my house in one state Fla. I do not use it for business which has been closed back in it for personal use only ie.

Are there any Desktops that charge by the month? No need for my email because Teamviewer has Block it!!!! I wonder why it not in the TOP of the list. AnyDesk has increased their prices significantly. It looks to me like SupRemo might be the best way to go for me? Not all users are going to be especially computer savvy…. One of the major reasons for finding a TeamViewer alternative is that they accuse free version users of using it commercially and then try to sell them a license.

They are slow to respond to an appeal of that decision. It is free, and works well for controlling the remote computer. File transfer is very awkward, but the developers say they are working on a drag-and-drop system, which it desperately needs. I was using TeamViewer for some a few years, non-commercial use, and I was satisfied with it.

However, I noticed a problem when I connect from my Laptop running under windows to my PC running under Ubuntu at work that the screen cannot be blocked black , and the same issue with the input terminal keyboard. I have tired all the tricks of TeamViewer but nothing worked, and then, after googling this issue, it seemed that these are problems that have never been solved with TeamViewer, for some reason.

At that time, I started using NoMachine which I already knew even before TeamViewer and it was not only faster, but it enabled screen and terminal blocking across different OS. One problem is that NoMachine cannot access the remote PC if the net is protected by a firewall I was able to log to my PC if I was at work, but could not do so from home. Meanwhile, server versions include Windows Server , Server , and Server Once you start using UltraVNC, you soon realize that it is a small, light, and efficient tool.

It is also secure. For example, man-in-the-middle attacks — which let malicious parties snoop in on a connection — are prevented with the help of a Data Stream Modification DSM encryption plugin system. And so, apart from these minor issues, UltraVNC is an amazing tool that will deliver as promised. Remote support — including unattended access sessions — can be initiated with a single click from within a call or chat.

RescueAssist boasts of a second connection time — from IP identification to gaining control of the remote machine — once a session has been launched. Once connected, detailed reports can be generated to show relevant information like details of the client device, whether or not service-level agreements are being met, and even notes other technicians have left about previous sessions.

In case of a need to escalate a problem, the session can also be transferred to another teammate. And if even more people need to be brought in to help, a session screen can be shared among 15 support technicians. RescueAssist offers a free 7-day trial.

Also, no decent administrator would deny the usefulness of this free tool that comes as part of the Microsoft Windows operating system you need to enable it first. As a matter of fact, the tool can be run from Android , iOS , and Linux devices to connect with any other Windows device that also has remote connection enabled.

Once installed, all that is required to connect to other devices is to enter a username and a password. Alternatively, remote connections can be initiated by simply double-clicking on remote servers and devices that have been saved from previous sessions. Once connected, the administrator can pretty much do everything users could do if they were sitting right at the computer itself; after all, this is more of a remote support tool aimed at working directly on the remote device. Now, although Remote Desktop Connection might have a few drawbacks — like not being able to copy files by drag-and-dropping them — it still is a quick, secure, and uncomplicated RAT that can be used to easily reach out to clients.

Also, only one client is allowed to connect to a machine at a time and even then the local user is locked out for the duration of the session. But, even then, nothing beats the smooth, instant response that is the norm with this RAT.

It is almost always the default, go-to tool for administrators and tech support personnel in SMBs. Now, although this is an all-rounded tool that has functionalities like video conferencing and collaboration, Cisco Remote Access Agent — their remote access and administration tool — is an impressive part of it.

And once it has been installed, the agent automatically logs the computers in the Remote Access network and it is ready to host a connection if it has been enabled, of course. Security measures like email notifications let clients know their devices are being accessed remotely, while features like Access Control , authentication by phone , role assignments , and device groupings keep accounts and devices safe.

Accountability and tracking are done with the help of session recording. This RAT can be used to get real-time views and control of unattended servers , computers , and even point of sale POS devices. It also integrates well with other third-party productivity and collaboration tools like Slack, Trello, Google Drive, and much more. There is no need to worry about reconfiguring ports and permissions as WebEx can work with most firewalls and supports most machines behind proxies.

But, once you take a closer look at this browser-based tool, you will see the many advantages it could bring to your tech support table. For instance, the most convenient thing about Chrome Remote Desktop is that it is a tool that uses Chrome — a popular browser from Google that now controls about 70 percent of the market. This means tech support can be delivered on a global scale.

The tool itself makes it clear and easy about what needs to be done — it is self-explanatory every step of the way. A good example is an initial screen:. The Chrome Remote Desktop software interface is minimalistic and the menus and processes are simple to understand:. So, why mention it at all? Well, this would be the perfect RAT for that moment when only a browser is available or you need to make a quick connection and repair a single machine with not-so-serious problems.

It usually is a tough job to find the perfect remote administration tool for your personal or business use. But, here are some features you might want to make sure are part of your final selection:. If you have a computer running Windows, your best bet for a free remote desktop system is the Remote Desktop Connection system that is already built into your operating system. Splashtop is very widely used by home-based workers to telecommute. You could also use the Windows Remote Desktop Connection service for this purpose.

A Remote Access Terminal RAT is a program that is used by individuals, remote system administrators, or tech support personnel to remotely connect to a computer, server, or networking device across an Internet connection or via a local area network LAN. RAT should not be confused with Remote Access Trojans — which are used for malicious purposes and share the same acronym.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Comparitech uses cookies. More info. Menu Close. We are reader supported and may receive a commission when you make purchases using the links on our site. Do you feel limited by TeamViewer's features? Do you find using it cumbersome and a bit quirky? We show you some powerful TeamViewer alternatives to keep you on top of your remote teams and operations.

Liku Zelleke Network configuration, optimization, and security expert. Try risk-free on a day free trial. Easily integrates with numerous applications for a broader performance capability. The is also available for on-premises installation on Windows or Windows Server. Splashtop This remote access system can be used by telecommuters to access the office PC, by support technicians for attended and unattended access, and by MSPs for client user and device management.

It is a fast tool that uses data compression and encryption to create a great UX. RescueAssist This is a browser-based RAT that can be used to connect from, and to, almost any device that has a browser. Alternatively, an application can be downloaded to make it work. It is the best free alternative and can be used to basically take control of a host computer. It is reliable, secure, and easily integrates into networks.

It is easy to use and master, and yet, is an efficient and secure tool. Why even bother to use a RAT? Easy file sharing — RATs facilitate the sharing of files between a client and host computers and vice versa , irrespective of the distance between the two devices.

Collaboration — more than one administrator can work on solving a problem. Personalized customer care — tech companies can offer better hands-on, one-on-one service to their clients, thus creating a positive rapport with them. Provide pro-active support — supporting, patching, and upgrading of computers and remote servers can be done without the need to be physically present on-site; this will raise tech-support service profiles as a business will be able to impress clients with high uptimes.

Remote access for location-limited websites — some companies PayPal is a good example offer country-specific services. We reviewed the market for remote desktop utilities like TeamViewer and analyzed the options based on the following criteria: A channel for communication with the user alongside a full Desktop view Utilities for technician collaboration The ability to open a second connection for operating system access Technician activity logging for security tracking A note-taking utility A free trial period or money-back guarantee for a no-cost assessment A good trade-off between price and facilities.

Pros: Available either on-premise or as a subscription SaaS, giving it more flexibility than competing products Accessible via browser, allowing for easy access to the dashboard Can support Windows, Mac, and Linux, making it a solid option for networks with diverse operating systems No limit on the number of devices, allowing businesses to scale as they hire more technicians Designed to support robust remote access for both support teams and end-users.

Cons: Would like to see a longer trial period. Pros: Cloud-based installation makes deployment simple with no need for on-premise onboarding Is a white-labeled product, ideal for MSPs Features automation tools that empower technicians to script solutions Can execute commands prior to remotely connecting Offers mobile report support for both iOS and Android.

Cons: Would like to see a longer 30 day trial period.

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TeamViewer is a popular professional choice for remote management for external service providers and for getting team members in different locations together for online meetings.

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Teamviewer alternative business In my testing, I found UltraViewer to be pretty fast and responsive. AnyDesk also brings low latency support, which means your actions are immediately transferred to your remotely controlled device, and the user interaction feels more natural. What this means is that your computer and remote connections are fully protected, and you never have to worry about any privacy attacks. Using UltraVNC, you can transfer files easily from one computer to the other. However, I noticed a problem when I connect from my Laptop running under windows to my PC running under Ubuntu at work that the screen cannot be blocked blackand the same issue with the input terminal keyboard.
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